Pulitzer-winning drama about Muslim-Americans’ challenges comes to Peppermint Creek Theater

Nov 7, 2016

The play "Disgraced" addresses Islamophobia and challenges facing Muslim-Americans. We learn about the Lansing production of the Pulitzer Prize winner that runs through next week.

Religion, politics and race are issues that have been discussed and debated since the beginning of our country, and still are today. An original play called "Disgraced," written by Ayad Akhtar, involves a diverse group of characters discussing these issues over dinner. It won the Pulitzer prize for drama in 2013, which is awarded every year to a play that’s written by an American author, usually original in its source, and dealing with American life.

Lansing’s Peppermint Creek Theater Company is running their own production of "Disgraced" right now.

Current State talks with director Gabe Francisco, along with cast members Sarah Lynn and Zuwaib Razzaq.