‘Purple Haze’ to ‘Purple Rain:’ Dearborn to host R & B Music Hall inductions

Aug 15, 2016

The Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame is coming to Dearborn next weekend to induct some big names in the industry. Its founder hopes to build his shrine in the hometown of Motown. Current State’s Kevin Lavery takes us on a tour through the history of R & B.

It was 39 years ago this week when the world was shocked by the death of Elvis Presley. Though Elvis was dubbed The King of Rock and Roll, his musical roots came from another great American genre: rhythm and blues. Last year, Elvis Presley was inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame.

The Hall's ceremony is coming to Dearborn this weekend to honor its next round of inductees.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery has been spinning those old 45’s for a few days to get into the mood. He speaks with founder Lamont Robinson about why he feels R & B deserves its own monument.