The Race for Ingham Prosecutor: Thomas English

Jun 17, 2016

Thomas English has spent years in law enforcement. The Democratic candidate for Ingham County Prosecutor says Ingham residents “have every right to distrust the office.” He's the latest in our series of interviews running for the job.

In November, Ingham County voters will choose a new prosecutor. Long-time prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III is facing criminal charges and will formally resign effective in July. Former state Senator Gretchen Whitmer will serve as interim prosecutor from July till the end of the year.

There are six candidates running for the seat. Current State has invited all of them onto our program. Republican Billie Jo O’Berry and Democrats Brian Jackson, Patrick O’Keefe, and Carol Siemon have already been on to speak with us.

Today we’re joined by another Democratic candidate, Thomas English. He is a recently retired U.S. Administrative Law Judge, as well as a former federal prosecutor and former Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Public Safety in New Mexico.