Report: Almost 2m in Michigan struggle to find healthy food

Mar 26, 2015

Credit Flickr-Masahiro Ihara

When you need to stock up on milk or fresh fruits and vegetables for the week, you probably just drive a couple miles to the nearest Kroger or Meijer. Or maybe you take a trip to your local farmers market and load up your trunk with groceries. But for 1.8-million Michiganders, it isn’t quite so easy to find healthy food. That’s the number of people living in so called “food deserts”, according to a new report from the Philadelphia based organization The Food Trust.

Current State talks about the impact of food deserts on Michiganders’ health and the effort to get the state to invest in solutions with Ted O’Dell. He’s the director for the Michigan Healthy Food Financing Campaign, which is a project of the American Heart Association. We also speak with report author and project associate at The Food Trust, Dierdre Church.