Restaurateurs Push Back On $12 Minimum Wage

Sep 8, 2017

A change to the state’s minimum wage might be on the 20-18 ballot. Cheyna Roth explains restaurant owners are already speaking out against the proposal.  

One Fair Wage wants to raise Michigan’s minimum wage to 12-dollars an hour within four years. It also wants to increase the minimum wage for tipped workers.

Restaurateurs aren’t happy about the proposal. Some are concerned the increase won’t be possible with already tight budgets.

Justin Winslow is with the Michigan Restaurant Association. He says the minimum wage is already scheduled to keep rising. And Michigan will have a high minimum wage compared to the rest of the country.

“So to go to 12-dollars an hour will put us in a very disadvantageous position.” WInslow says.

The group has not had its ballot language approved by the Board of State Canvassers yet.