Romney at Town Hall Meeting in Shelby Twp

Feb 21, 2012

Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney is campaigning in Michigan all week, with a brief trip to Arizona for a televised debate with his Republican rivals.

Romney spoke at a town-hall-style meeting Tuesday in southeast Michigan. He told the crowd that if he were president he would change the way Washington works for states like Michigan.          

“Washington isn’t working properly," he says. "Michigan isn’t working, America isn’t working, and Washington isn’t working – and I say that because Washington just doesn’t seem to get it right. This president has a view that somehow that a government guiding our lives can do a better job than free people and free enterprises.”

Romney also says Michigan should become a right-to-work state. He says everyone should have the right to choose whether or not they belong to a union. Governor Rick Snyder – who endorsed Romney – says he has no interest in engaging in a right-to-work debate in the near future.