‘Rosie The Riveter’ musical focuses on Willow Run workers of WWII

Nov 10, 2015

Current State speaks to the creators of a new musical about those women of World War Two who came from all over to work manufacturing jobs in Michigan. The iconic Rosie The Riveter gets her own musical at the Wild Swan Theater in Ann Arbor.

A Wild Swan Theater cast member poses as Rosie the Riveter.
Credit Courtesy of Wild Swan Theater

Rosie the Riveter has quite the legacy. This Veteran’s Day, she’ll also have her own musical. The poster of the WWII figure with her red polka-dotted handkerchief, arm raised, making a muscle, and her signature phrase, “We can do it!” has become an icon for women across the world. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti summoned a bunch of 'Rosies' to try and break a world record. Now, Hilary Cohen, the director and co-artistic director of Ann Arbor’s Wild Swan Theater, is presenting the life of Rosie the Riveter in musical form. Current State'​s Jamie Paisley met up with some of the cast at the Willow Run Airport before the big show.