Sales tax foe says funding already there for MI roads fix

Jan 12, 2015

Keith Allard
Credit WKAR

On today's show, we heard briefly from Keith Allard of the recently formed group, "Protect MI Taxpayers." Allard is also Chairman of the Grand Rapids Taxpayers Association and a recent unsuccessful candidate for the state legislature. His group is launching a campaign urging voters to defeat the call to increase the state sales tax by a cent. Michigan voters will decide that issue on May 5.

Most of that new revenue, which would total around $2-billion dollars, would go the fund the improvement of the state’s roads and bridges. Smaller sums would go toward schools and compensate for restoring the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery talks with Allard about why he opposes the ballot proposal. You can see a longer interview with Allard on Michigan Public Television's "Off the Record" at