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Dueling piano boogie from Michigan rock and blues legends.

Dueling piano boogie from Michigan rock and blues legends Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori. "If it doesn't make you want to get up and dance, then we aren't doing our job," says Bob Baldori of the boogie-woogie style of music he performs with fellow musician Bob Seeley. The pair from Detroit continues to delight audiences everywhere with their amazing piano skills and exciting style of music.

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Watch their fingers fly as Seeley & Baldori perform live on BackStage Pass. Their dual piano style of performing allows them to create intricate melodies and rhythms, and use their instruments to banter back and forth at amazing speeds. Seeley & Baldori deliver an extremely entertaining performance that is sure to get viewers up and out of their seats. As Baldori said to BackStage Pass, “If it doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, then we aren’t doing our job.”
Saying that Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori have a lot of musical experience is a vast understatement. Combined, the two have been creating music for more than a century. They share a rich musical background in many of the formative styles of American music, including jazz, rock, stride, and blues. Both men have shared the stage with acclaimed music icons. Seeley performed for many years with jazz legend Meade Lux Louis, and Bob Baldori has performed live with the father of rock ‘n’ roll himself, Chuck Berry.
Both men grew up in the Detroit area and have long been part of the Michigan music scene. After watching Seeley perform live at a Charlie’s Crab in Detroit, Baldori proposed they work together to create a unique musical act. Seeley agreed, and since then the duo has been pleasing audiences in Michigan and beyond with their astonishing technical piano skills and their dance-able boogie-woogie music.
“Boogie-woogie is a dynamic form of the blues,” explains Seeley. With roots in blues, jazz, swing, and R&B, the boogie-woogie music played by Seeley and Baldori is an exciting hybrid. The two men utilize the variety of influences to create an exuberant style of dance music.

Bob Seeley (Piano), Bob Baldori (Piano)