Shelter Extends Hours For Homeless In Need Of Warmth

Dec 29, 2017

With temperatures dipping to the single digits and below zero in the Lansing area, local homeless shelters are providing as much assistance as they can.

City Rescue Mission of Lansing is the largest shelter in the capital area, providing shelter to about 150 women, children, and men every night.

Director of Communications Laura Grimwood says they have expanded the hours they can offer shelter.


“For extreme cold weather like we’re going through right now, we also offer a temporary day shelter at our Michigan Ave. location. That way if we have guests that don’t have somewhere to be first thing in the morning or maybe they work in the morning and they need somewhere to be late afternoon we have that open for them,” she says.


City Rescue Mission has a shelter for women and children and a separate shelter for men. Find contact information here.