Show Your Luv for Britcoms

Nov 9, 2012

Britcom fans -- please join us for a special evening on WKAR, Saturday, November 10!

You may already be a loyal member -- but if you count Britcoms among your favorites, please consider an additional gift, large or small, to help us defray the costs. You may not realize it, but British comedies are a costly part of our program budget. They are currently not covered by our PBS membership dues nor made available free to us from other services. We pay for them -- and we pay a lot.

So, on Saturday, beginning at 9 p.m., we are asking you to specifically help support Britcoms on WKAR. Are you a big fan of British comedies? Can you help WKAR continue to bring them into your home?

You can "show your luv" when you Give Online Now, or call in Saturday night.

And, when you call us, be sure to tell our volunteers which Britcoms you like best. If you have favorites you've seen elsewhere, please let us know!

Your Gift Helps
Your support of programs that you enjoy helps WKAR continue to make them available here in mid-Michigan.

Thanks so very much!