Snyder refugee decision triggers sharp disagreement

Nov 17, 2015

Gov. Rick Snyder has suspended plans to allow Syrian refugees in Michigan pending a review of Homeland Security vetting processes. The decision has generated vigorous support and opposition. We talk with State Sen. Rick Jones, who supports the move, and East Lansing surgeon Dr. Majid Katranji, who opposes it.

Michigan’s refugee policy involving Syrians fleeing civil war changed quite suddenly on Sunday. Gov. Rick Snyder, citing heightened concerns in the aftermath of Friday’s terrorist massacre in Paris, said the state is suspending the refugee effort until the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reviews its procedures.

Supporters of the Governor’s decision have been vocal with their support. Critics, some of whom admit they understand the need for caution, have said it sends the wrong message.

Current State speaks with Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), who supports Gov. Snyder's decision, and Dr. Majid Katranji, an East Lansing surgeon who emigrated to the United States from Syria. He has worked with local refugees and he opposes the Governor’s move.