Snyder Vetoes Anti-Abortion License Plate

Jun 30, 2017

Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed a bill to create a “choose life” license plate.

The plate would have raised money for an anti-abortion group.

Part of the fees for the “choose life” plate would have gone to the group Right to Life of Michigan. In his veto letter, the governor said the plate delivers a blatantly political message that would bitterly divide people.

Anna Heaton is the governor’s press secretary.

“The governor didn’t think it was appropriate to have something like this being issued by state government," said Heaton. "We’re just going to take this up with the next Legislature and the next governor.”

Ed Rivet of Right to Life says that will be after 2019, when Governor Snyder can’t seek reelection because of term limits. Rivet says his group is also urging the current Legislature to send more anti-abortion bills to Snyder’s desk.