Snyder's State of State addresses Flint, infrastructure, tech; Schuette urges Michigan mobility

Jan 17, 2017

Snyder's State of the State promises further focus on a Flint water fix with an emphasis on overall state infrastructure improvement.

LANSING (AP) -- Gov. Rick Snyder did not unveil major policy initiatives in his speech to a joint session of the GOP-controlled Legislature. It came a year after he was forced to mainly focus on Flint's lead-contaminated water in his sixth yearly address amid withering criticism over his administration's failures that caused and prolonged the man-made public health emergency.

Elevated lead levels had been detected in children, and people had died in a Legionnaires' disease outbreak. While water quality is improving in Flint, residents continue to use faucet filters or bottled water nearly three years after the fateful switch of Flint water while the city was under state management.

"We're making progress, but our work is not done yet," said Snyder, who has committed to fixing the crisis.

Earlier, he touted Michigan's economic turnaround, pointing to the addition of nearly 500,000 private-sector jobs since 2010, an unemployment rate below 5 percent and higher personal incomes.

After Snyder's address, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette pointed to what he believes one of the Governor's key initiatives: