Southside Activist Hopes To Advance To City Council

Jul 3, 2017

A member of Lansing’s Southside Community Center Board is running for Lansing city council at-large. Evelyn Pech-Vasquez says she’s been active in the community for 13 years and has worked as a guest teacher in Lansing schools.

Pech-Vasquez says she wants to support Lansing Public Schools and the Board of Education as a council member. "I have a lot of ideas," she states, "having a lot of first hand experience in the classroom that if you aren't in the classroom, you wouldn't know about."

As a guest teacher in Lansing, she has worked with everyone from pre-schoolers to those is adult education. She thinks council have improve relationships with the school board and do a better job of collaborating.

Pech-Vasquez also hopes to bring business to Lansing, saying "I would like to promote businesses that our community needs: expand farmers markets, more grocery neglected areas like the south side of Lansing."

Safety is another priority. Police officers need more support, she concludes, and the community needs to be educated about who to contact when there's a problem.