Sparrow, MSU to consolidate pediatric specialty care

Apr 9, 2012

Sparrow Health System and Michigan State University are planning to consolidate most of their pediatric outpatient services in a single location. 

Sparrow and MSU will integrate pediatric care in one building.  The plan is designed in part to help both institutions recruit new specialists over time.  The Sparrow Professional Building across from the main hospital in Lansing is the likely location, but that’s still being determined. 

Sparrow Children’s Center medical director Dr. Stephen Guertin says patients will soon have a central access point for phone calls and in-person visits.

“What we realized talking to our patients is that for them, it has not been an easy system to negotiate and it’s not one that’s readily identifiable," Guertin says.

Guertin says the physical consolidation is expected to take about two years.