State to Begin K2 Crackdown July 1

Jun 19, 2012

On July 1, the state will launch a crackdown to clear store shelves of a type of synthetic marijuana called K-2. Governor Rick Snyder signed a law Tuesday that outlaws K-2 and other designer drugs.

K-2 is made of plants sprayed with a chemical to create a high that’s similar to marijuana – but with more dangerous side effects such as seizures and speeding heart rates. Because it’s still legal and not controlled, it can be purchased by children.

Several Michigan cities and counties have already banned K-2. The new law signed by Governor Snyder not only outlaws K-2, but any derivative drugs that might be created by tweaking the recipe.

“So this is something that we always wish could be ahead of, but this is one of those war-on-drug kind of questions that’s going to be kind of a challenge going ahead, but I think we’ve got better tools and weapons now,” he says.

One of those tools is to give the state Department of Community Health director and the Board of Pharmacy emergency powers to outlaw new designer drugs as they emerge.