State Elections Director: Online registration, absentee balloting could be improved

Feb 10, 2014

Long lines during the 2012 Presidential election spurred President Barack Obama to look into ways to improve the voting experience.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

In his 2012 reelection speech, President Barack Obama vowed to make voting easier for millions of Americans. This came after reports that many had to wait in line for hours at polling places to cast their votes.

Last year, President Obama appointed a bipartisan commission to look at what improvements could be made to our voting process. The Presidential Commission on Election Administration just released its 112-page report late last month, which details ways to improve access to polls, voter registration, polling place management, and voting technology.

Christopher Thomas was one of the 10 members on the President's panel. Thomas has been Michigan's Director of Elections since 1981. He discusses the report, as well as voting issues in Michigan.