State Figures: Mich. Retains More Veteran Teachers

Jul 26, 2012

State figures say Michigan schools are retaining more of their veteran K-12 educators, leaving fewer job openings for newcomers.


The Detroit News reports ( ) Thursday that in 2007 nearly 52% of the teachers had between six and 20 years of experience. According to figures from the state Budget Office's Center for Educational Performance and Information, that number grew to 57% in 2011.
Robert Floden is co-director of the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University. He says more teachers are staying put in Michigan.
Overall, the number of teachers continues to shrink in Michigan, to about 101,700 in 2011. Ninety percent are white and 75% are women.
The report comes as the American Federation of Teachers gets ready to host its national convention Friday-Monday in Detroit.