State Medical Marijuana Licensing Board Meets For First Time

Jun 26, 2017

A state board formed to hand out marijuana licenses held its first meeting Monday.

The board was created to supervise a re-vamped state medical marijuana program. The members will issue potentially lucrative licenses to patients, growers and retailers in the state.

A majority of the meeting was taken up by public comment.

Allison Ireton is an attorney in Ann Arbor. She represents some people who hope to open grow shops. She says the board needs to come up with guidance while people wait for the application process to open.
“If you cut off their supply prior to giving out licenses, they are not going to know where to get RSO, they’re not going to know where to get capsules, they’re not going to be able to get different strains to try and medicate their condition," said Ireton.

The board will not start issuing licenses until next year.