State police 1st Lt. running for Lansing at-large council seat

May 7, 2017

We continue our conversations with Lansing city council candidates today with at-large candidate Kyle Bowman. He’s a first lieutenant with the Michigan State Police who has served in a series of roles including the protection details for Governors John Engler and Jennifer Granholm. Currently, he commands state security operations at the capitol building and the state office complex.

"Most people, when they call 9-1-1, they have reached a point in their life where something has gone beyond their control or their abilities to deal with, and we get involved," Bowman says of law enforcement, "and a lot of those things can be traced back to the type of services or the type of opportunities provided right there in that community: community health, mental health, education."

He expresses frustration at times with things that aren't being done by local leaders, such as addressing job opportunities and educational opportunities.

Bowman has been the victim of crime a few times, including break-ins at his home in Lansing. "I'm a police officer, I'm trained to deal with those types of things," he continues, "but one of the things about being a police officer is that if you're the victim of a crime, you don't get to investigate it."

The candidate says he thinks Lansing is a safe city, and he admires the Lansing police officers he knows, "but there is work to be done."