State Rep. Abed on education: 'One size does not fit all'

Nov 8, 2013

Rep. Theresa Abed (D-Grand Ledge)

The Michigan House Education Committee is looking over a controversial proposal that could hold back thousands of the state’s young learners. A measure introduced last week would require third-graders to repeat that year if they did not score “proficient” on the MEAP standardized test.

Supporters say the measure is meant to be a ‘backstop’ to prevent young students from falling behind in reading skills.  Opponents say the bill is flawed, in part because it removes local control from school districts.

State Rep. Theresa Abed of Grand Ledge, a Democrat representing the 71st district, says everyone wants third graders to be proficient in reading, but this legislation fails to take into account why some are not.