State Senate Moves School Safety Bills

May 22, 2018

State lawmakers want schools and law enforcement to partner up when it comes to school safety. Capital correspondent Cheyna Roth reports state Senate committees passed several bills Tuesday aimed at encouraging that relationship.

One bill would require school districts talk to local law enforcement before they construct or renovate a school building. The idea is law enforcement can help the school make the building safer.

Senator Phil Pavlov chairs the committee that passed that bill. He says the state can only do so much before it’s on local communities to step in.

“If we don’t have the local buy-in to be able to make those changes locally to keep those kids safe then we’ll continue to struggle with school safety.”  Said Pavlov.

Other bills that passed out of committees include legislation that would require the Michigan State Police create a new office focused on school safety. That office would come up with model practices, issue grant money, and offer safety training.