State workers' union wary of department merger

Jan 23, 2015

Ray Holman is legislative liaison for UAW Local 6000.
Credit Scott Pohl/WKAR

On Wednesday, Gov. Rick Snyder’s call for improvements in the delivery of state services included the merging of two, large and important state agencies. Snyder says the Departments of Human Services and Community Health need to become more “people-centric” and less “program centric.” He says that resulting efficiencies will improve services to state residents and, with other reforms, create a "River of Opportunity".

The merger, which the Governor can legally order, would create the largest state agency with more than 14,000 employees.

Human services advocates, including our next guest, generally agree that greater efficiency is possible and desirable, but they also fear outsourcing and layoffs of  psychologists, nurses and counselors.

Current State speaks with Ray Holman, legislative liaison for United Auto Workers Local 6000.  UAW 6000 represents 9,000 workers in Michigan’s Departments of Human Services and Community Health.