Status of Lansing schools awaits clarification from MI reform office

Aug 23, 2016

The fate of a number of low-performing Lansing schools is uncertain as the district awaits clarification about test scores from Michigan’s School Reform Office. We hear the thoughts of Lansing School Board President Peter Spadafore and state Rep. Andy Schor.

The Lansing School District is anxiously awaiting word about the fate of several schools which the state might close due to low performance. The Michigan School Reform office is authorized to take aggressive action to shutter failing schools that are not measuring up on state assessment tests.

District officials say the data the state is using to base its findings is inconsistent. They’re frustrated with what they say is a lack of communication by the state to provide more details. In the meantime, parents are left wondering what might befall the schools in which they’ve enrolled their children this school year.

Current State talks with Peter Spadafore, resident of the Lansing school board, and state Rep. Andy Schor, a Democrat from Lansing who serves on the House Education Committee and is also a Lansing school district parent.