The stories fossils can tell

May 1, 2014

Dr. Gottfried brought this cast of a skull of a so-called 'mammal-like reptile' from South Africa, that is about 240 million years old to WKAR's Studio S, along with a 50-million year old Sand-tiger shark tooth fossil from the Canadian Arctic.
Credit Joe Linstroth/WKAR

Kids go crazy about dinosaur fossils at the museum. Most of us grow out of that dinosaur phase, and those dinosaurs become reminders that we are turning into fossils, at least to our kids. But fossils are much more than just old bones. They can tell stories about where we came from, and about our planet’s history.

Dr. Mike Gottfried is an associate professor in Geological Sciences at MSU, and Curator of Paleontology at the MSU Museum. He joins Current State to share with us the stories that fossils can tell about evolution and climate change.

Gottfried has worked in places like Madagascar, South Africa, New Zealand and Antarctica. He says the fossil record gives us evidence of evolutionary transitions.