On Stump in Detroit, Romney Shows “Love” for Michigan, Autos

Feb 16, 2012

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke to a business luncheon Thursday not far from where he grew up in Oakland County as he stumped for Republican support in Michigan’s presidential primary. 

Protestors outside carried a banner that said “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” -- a reminder of what Romney famously said in 2008 as he opposed the taxpayer-funded auto industry bailout. Inside, Romney said he loves the auto industry and still drives a Ford Mustang – and defended his history as a venture capitalist to a chamber of commerce lunch largely filled with businesspeople.  

“My impression from some government people is, they don’t like you very much. I love you. (laughter) I like the fact that you’re entrepreneurs and working to create jobs and build enterprises and that makes America stronger. 

Romney also picked up the endorsement of Governor Rick Snyder, who is also a businessman who made a second career in politics.