As summer winds down, debate over MI’s energy future heats up

Aug 24, 2015

Current State talks with MLive reporter Emily Lawler about potential changes for people who’ve installed solar panels on their roofs and how that ties into a debate over Michigan’s energy future.

The Michigan legislature may have adjourned for the summer, but its members will still have plenty on their plate when they get back from those Labor Day barbeques. Besides finding the money to fix Michigan’s roads, lawmakers are also mapping out the future of energy in the state. The debate over what that future will look like was in the spotlight again last week.

A Senate bill that would change how homes with solar panels pay for electricity has come under fire from advocates who say it’s unfair to people who have already invested in rooftop solar. Supporters of the bill say other customers shouldn’t have to subsidize their neighbor’s electricity bill.

Current State explores Michigan's energy future with reporter Emily Lawler, who’s been covering the issue for MLive.