Superintendent: Lansing Shabazz Academy "not just a school, it's a living museum"

Jun 19, 2014


Juneteenth is a celebration marking the anniversary of the ending of slavery in America. In Lansing, the Juneteenth Freedom Festival is in its 21st year.

The city and state of Michigan’s Capitol Kickoff will be at 5:30 p.m. today in the lobby of Lansing City Hall, to be followed by two days of activities in St. Joseph Park. There will be music, exhibits, head wrap demonstrations, a tribute to negro league baseball, and more.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Eugene Cain, superintendent of Lansing’s Shabazz Public School Academy. He joins Current State to tell us about his school and his Juneteenth message. He says that Shabazz Academy is more than a school, it’s a whole experience of African-American culture.