Support the MSU Communication Arts Science College's "MI First Election" Video Shorts

Sep 27, 2016

It only happens once every four years and this year is going to be a historic one to say the least.

The students at MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences are ready to jump in and share their stories about the upcoming election in a series of video shorts. These 2 minute shorts will be produced by our students, interviewing other college students and air before or after WKAR's PBS News Hour and Off the Record during election week. Some sample topics of the videos will be first time Young Republican/Democratic voter, Naturalize Citizen voter, and more.

Below is a link to view the ways your business can help support our up and coming young journalists and reach our vast and loyal WKAR viewing audience.


For more information contact me, Melissa Nay, today at or 518-884-4761.