TechNote: WKAR and Internet Radio

Here is an update for Internet Radio listeners.

As of Thu., 2/23/12, all WKAR Radio Online streams are listed with

If you are not currently finding WKAR streams on your receiver, try these steps:

  1. Restart your radio: unplug the power supply, wait a moment, then plug it back in. This is very important to allow the listings to be automatically updated.
  2. Call up the menu.
  3. Select internet radio
  4. Select location
  5. Select USA W's
  6. Scroll down to WKAR.  It may take a while -- there are a lot of stations listed.
  7. These WKAR streams will be listed:
  • WKAR AM - 870 (WKAR RADIO)
  • WKAR FM - 90.5 (WKAR RADIO)
  • WKAR - IR 90.5 (CLASSICAL)
  • WKAR - IR 90.5 (FOLK)
  • WKAR - IR 90.5 (JAZZ)

This procedure was created using a Grace Digital internet radio.  Other brands and models may have different procedures, but all the WKAR streams should be listed if all stations are searched by call letters.   The WKAR streams should also be searchable by genre: classical, folk, jazz, etc.