Testimony: Student Felt 'Trapped' In MSU Dean Strampel's Office

Jun 5, 2018

A Michigan State University medical student says she felt she was being sexually propositioned when she met a dean to discuss a bad test score.

The woman testified Tuesday in a criminal case against William Strampel, who was dean of the osteopathic medical school until December.

He also was Larry Nassar's boss when the former sports doctor was fired amid sexual assault allegations.

A judge must decide whether to send Strampel to trial.

The charges include misconduct in office. He's accused of failing to keep Nassar in line, groping females and storing nude student selfies on his computer.

A student told a judge that she felt "trapped" in Strampel's office as a conversation turned to nude photos.

He allowed her to stay in school if she passed a second exam.