Trees Down In Ormond Park As Work Begins On Controversial Entrance

Jul 6, 2017

Mayor Virg Bernero issued a statement Thursday saying that work has begun on a new entrance to Groesbeck Golf Course.

Trees are being chopped down and construction flags posted throughout Ormond Park- the park that will be paved through in order to build the new entrance.


A number of people have spoken out against this controversial entrance because they say it will destroy the park, and many claim it was never officially approved.


Council member Jody Washington opposes the building of the entrance and is shocked and angry that trees have already come down, because city council approved a request for an investigation to be conducted before work was begun.


She says council put the Groesbeck entrance issue on the back burner to focus on the marijuana ordinance, and that was a mistake.


“It’s about the people, and the people have yet lost another park. I am really angry. I’m angry with my colleagues, I’m angry with the mayor, and I’m angry with the people that just think it’s ok to plow through a park and just take down our trees.”


Mayor Bernero’s office says city council approved the use of Ormond Park for a golf course entrance back in 1989 when the land was acquired by the city for that purpose.

Local activist Merry Stanford of Friends of Ormond Park tells us they are working on a cease and desist letter. As of Thursday evening, one has not been filed yet.