TV Anchor Drives From Alaska To Lansing For WLNS Job

Oct 20, 2017

It isn’t unusual to see new faces on local television, but the incoming morning news anchor on WLNS-TV is getting some attention before she even arrives in Lansing.

Bonney Bowman is moving to Lansing from her current job in Anchorage, Alaska, not by plane, but by car. Along the way, she’s posting photo and video updates to Facebook.

Bowman explains that it’s cheaper to get her car to Lansing if she drives, and she has some companions for the trip, including her mother. "I have two dogs and two cats," Bowman explains, "and we flew them up to Alaska when I moved four years ago. It was extremely challenging and expensive, so we thought this time, let's just drive."

Bowman plans to arrive in Lansing on Tuesday, wrapping up a 3,800 mile journey.