TV, film composer leaves L.A. to mentor budding musicians in Grand Ledge

Mar 9, 2016

You may not know his name, but you’ve probably heard his music. Michigan native Brian Roth made his career in L.A. composing TV and film scores for the likes of ABC and filmmaker Ken Burns. Now, he's back home and giving back to budding young musicians. Kevin Lavery visits the Roth Academy of Music in Grand Ledge.

How many movies or TV shows have you watched so far this year? Care to hazard a guess at how many you’ve seen in your entire lifetime? Often, it’s the music score that lingers in your mind long after the credits roll and it all fades to black. In the radio business, we know the value of compelling sound, and so does a Michigan composer who’s seen the inside of the entertainment industry.

Current State’s Kevin Lavery talks with Brian Roth, a film and TV composer and audio producer who’s worked with giants like Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Ken Burns. These days, Roth still works on those big projects, but he’s no longer in L.A.  He’s running a side venture in Grand Ledge called the Roth Academy of Music. You might say it’s his way of paying it forward.