Tyler Oakley Celebrates Homecoming Ten Years After First YouTube Video at MSU

Oct 19, 2017

For nearly 8-million people on YouTube, Tyler Oakley's radiating personality is must-see TV. Ten years after posting his first video while living in a Michigan State University residence hall, Oakley will lead the 2017 homecoming parade as grand marshal.

WKAR’s Reginald Hardwick spent a few minutes with Oakley as visited the campus on Thursday. They talked about how Oakley's video career began, what he's learned from the experience and why including people of color in coverage of LGBTQ issues is important to him.

Click here for Oakley's YouTube Channel.

The Okemos native is also the author of Binge

And he starred in his own documentary movie Snervous.

Oakley's first publicly published YouTube video from October 2007

Oakley interviewing former First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House

Oakley highlighting achievements of LGBTQ African-Americans

Oakley highlighting achievements of LGBTQ Asian-Americans

Oakley highlighting achievements of LGBTQ Hispanic/Latino Americans