UAW braces for GM Delta plant layoffs

May 9, 2017

The United Auto Workers in Lansing is preparing hundreds of its members for an impending layoff this week. 

On Friday, the GM Delta Township plant shuts down for a month to re-tool for the next generation Buick Enclave and Chevy Traverse.  General Motors is cutting the plant’s third shift, which will lay off nearly 600 workers. 

UAW Local 602 president Bill Reed says the union has already held a layoff assistance fair, and is preparing informational packets for those about to be let go.

"It's our obligation to not only do what we can, but to go over and above," Reed says.  "Because, it's a pretty scary time for everyone that's being affected by this."

Reed says GM has not signaled whether those who are laid off will be recalled to work, but he says the automaker expects to add some 500 jobs in early 2018 to support the new product lines.