Voices of Experience: 57 year MSU professor Mordechai Kreinin | WKAR

Jan 19, 2015

Professor Mordechai Kreinin retires this week after 57 years on the MSU faculty.
Credit http://econ.msu.edu/

We all know Michiganians we feel are extraordinary for their memorable life experiences or their sacrifices. Maybe for their success, or their service, and for the insights that result from those experiences. Getting better acquainted with extraordinary people is the focus of Current State’s ongoing series, Voices of Experience. This week, long-time Michigan State University economics professor Mordechai “Max” Kreinin officially retires, ending a 57-year career on the MSU faculty.

It’s believed that Kreinin is MSU’s longest serving professor. He’s timed his retirement to coincide with his 85th birthday on Tuesday. His career spans thousands of students, lectures around the world, and possibly saving MSU during tough economic times.

Current State’s Scott Pohl speaks with Max Kreinin for our latest “Voices of Experience" conversation.