Voices of Experience: 'Eternal General', Frank Kelley Part I

Sep 26, 2013

For decades, Frank Kelley has been considered a ground breaking crusader in consumer and environmental protection.
Credit www.law.msu.edu


Getting better acquainted with extraordinary people is the focus of Current State’s new series, Voices of Experience. Arguably, no one shares Frank J. Kelley’s perspective on Michigan.

The Attorney General—or “Eternal General”—from 1961 to 1998, Kelley became the state’s youngest and oldest Attorney General during his tenure.

Mr. Kelley started his discussion with Current State’s Mark Bashore by going back to the very beginning.

Listen for Part Two of this conversation with the “Eternal General” next week. If you’d like to nominate an extraordinary Michiganian for consideration, e-mail us at currentstate@wkar.org.