Wage, Leave-Time Petition Drives Moving Ahead

Sep 19, 2017

Voters might have the chance to decide a pair of workers’ rights questions next year. As we hear from Rick Pluta, petition campaigns to put the questions on the 2018 ballot are underway. 

One of the campaigns would boost Michigan’s minimum wage to 12 dollars an hour. It’s currently 8-90 an hour. The measure would also make the same minimum wage apply people to who count tips as part of their earnings.

Alicia Farris chairs the One Fair Wage campaign. She says the drive is aimed, in particular, at helping restaurant workers.

"We’re looking for economic freedom for all workers in Michigan.” She says.

Faris says the campaign should start gathering signatures next month.

A campaign to require employers to give hourly employees paid sick and family leave time is already collecting signatures, also with an eye toward the 2018 ballot.