'Walk and Bike Lansing' wants walkable, bikable community

EAST LANSING, MI – A local group that wants to make Lansing's streets more accessible to bikers and walkers is getting closer to its goal. It hopes to change the city's street and traffic plans to include bike paths, and more pedestrian friendly roads and intersections.

Jessica Yorko is with Walk and Bike Lansing. She says the first step of the plan would be to create a detailed map of where changes are needed.

"We can work in a very detailed way with residents to find out where they want inmprovements," she says. "Where do we need better crosswalks? Do we need mid-block crossings? Do we have some dangerous intersections? Do we have some school walking routes that really need to be improved so kids can get to school safely?"

Walk and bike Lansing is expected to turned in more than 5,000 petition signatures to the city Today. Yorko, who is running for a spot on the city council this year, hopes the council will adopt an ordinance to put the plans in effect.

The issue could also go before voters in November.