Warhol Works Open 2018 At Broad Art Museum

Jan 11, 2018

The most iconic name in modern art history might well be that of Andy Warhol. Even casual observers of the art world know about his works depicting soup cans or celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Starting Saturday, the Broad Art Museum on the MSU campus will be the site of an exhibition of works by Warhol. “Andy Warhol: A Day in the Life” can be seen through May 6th.

The exhibition was curated by Steven Bridges of the Broad Art Museum. He says it includes pieces from the museum’s collection, along with others that are on loan from other institutions. "There will be examples of his work across most media," Bridges explains, "including screenprints, film, and photography.

The museum received what Bridges describes as a "trove" of black and white photography in polaroids by Warhol from the Warhol Foundation. He says these images "pull back the veil on who Warhol was, and a little bit about his everyday life...the things that he did, the places he went, and the people he interacted with."

This exhibition includes a screenprint Warhol made of Richard Nixon on behalf of the 1972 presidential campaign of Nixon's challenger, Sen. George McGovern, from Detroit collectors Alan and Rebecca Ross. Alan Ross chairs the museum's International Board.

The Flint Institutute of Art has loaned a Martin Hoffman portrait of Andy Warhol to the exhibition. There also will be photographs from artist Billy Name, who was the first archivist of the Warhol Factory in New York.