‘Wet Weather’ sewer project aims to save Lansing $230 million

Jun 11, 2013

Chad Gamble, Lansing's Director of Public Service, says that the city discharges up to 600 million gallons of sewage annually into the Grand River.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

This Thursday, Lansing residents have a chance to weigh in on the latest suggestion for dealing with city sewage and stormwater.  City administrators say the so-called "Wet Weather" project would combine Lansing’s 20-year old CSO, or “combined sewage overflow” project, with two other similar ones involving sanitary sewer overflow and stormwater. 


Chad Gamble is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Public Service for the city, and he supports the "Wet Weather" project.  He and others maintain the three initiatives can be successfully combined and would save taxpayers approximately $350 million dollars.