What's New on WKAR, March 22

Mar 22, 2013

This week we have two new releases from eastern Europe and two from the eastern U.S.  The Moscow Quartet plays one of Beethoven's most popular chamber works, the string quartet #10 called the "Harp" quartet.  Then, Bulgarian pianist Hristo Kazakov plays selections from Claude Debussy's Images.  The rarely heard Robert Schumann Violin Concerto comes to you in a new live performance by Elmar Olivera and Boca Raton's Atlantic Classical Orchestra, and the renowned Eastman Wind Ensemble celebrates 60 years with a new Stravinsky disc.

Beethoven/String Quartet #10/Moscow Quartet/Finer Arts records

Debussy/Image bk. 1 selections/Kazakov/private label

Schumann/Violin Concerto/Olivera, Atlantic Classical Orchestra/Robertson/Artek

Stravinsky/Octet/Eastman Wind Ensemble/Avie