Who's next? Mike Rogers' departure triggers speculation among Dems, GOP

Mar 28, 2014

Ballenger says Cong. Rogers didn't seem to give much of a heads-up to members of his own party about his decision not to run for another term. The filing deadline to run for the seat is April 22nd.
Credit Flickr - CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies

Mike Rogers, U.S. representative of our 8th district in East Lansing, says he will not seek reelection after his term ends this year. He made the announcement official on a Detroit radio station, and said that he has been invited regularly to talk about national security issues on T.V. and radio.

Rogers says he will serve out the end of his term, then will launch a national radio program on the Cumulus network.

Current State talked with Bill Ballenger, political journalist and staff member of Inside Michigan Politics, to discuss this unexpected development. Ballenger says nobody saw this coming.