Will American Airlines be landing in Lansing?

Aug 14, 2015

Sun Country Airlines operates flights from Lansing to Washington D.C., but the carrier is leaving town in October. Now, the biggest name in U.S. aviation is hoping to take over that market. Current State speaks with Bob Selig of the Capital Region Airport Authority.

Credit James Willamor / Flickr Creative Commons

The nation’s largest air carrier is hoping to make a “landing in Lansing.” American Airlines is petitioning the FAA to take over the daily route between the Capital Region International Airport and Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C. That route is currently operated by Sun Country Airlines, which will leave Lansing in October. American also wants to expand service from Lansing to Chicago with three daily flights to O’Hare International Airport.

The presence of American Airlines in Lansing could spur economic gains for the region. The airport authority and local businesses are supporting the carrier’s proposal to take over the Lansing to D.C. circuit.

Current State talks with Bob Selig, the president and CEO of the Capital Region Airport Authority.