Williamston Schools to Solicit Public Input on Proposed Transgender Policy

Oct 2, 2017

The Williamston Community Schools will take public comments Monday evening on a proposal regarding accommodations for transgender students. 


In September 2016, the Michigan Department of Education approved guidelines which state that any student should be allowed to use the restroom in accordance with their gender identity.   

It also said, “alternative and non-stigmatizing options such as an all-gender or single user restroom should be made available to all students who request them.” 

Williamston school board president Greg Talberg says his district is simply trying to be proactive in adopting its own policy.

“I don’t this process to extend months and months,” says Talberg.  “I think it’s something that I would like to see us come to terms with, make a decision on and then let our administrators get to the business of educating our kids.”

The board meets at 7:30 p.m  at Williamston Middle School.