WKAR Create: Thu 7/5 Update

THU JULY 5, 5pm: WKAR Create has returned to the regular program schedule. Thank you for your patience!


Earlier on Thursday...

THU JULY 5: Regularly scheduled CREATE programs are not available today to due to fiber optic network service interruptions caused by storms along the East Coast.   We regret the inconvenience, and are offering alternate programming until the network  has been restored.

Below is the updated schedule. If the network service is restored during this period, we will return as soon as possible to the regular schedule.

WKAR Create - Thursday July 5
01:30pm Growing Bolder : Sounds of Success
02:00pm Growing Bolder: Risk Takers
02:30pm Growing Bolder: Dreams Come True
03:00pm Growing Bolder : Passion for Living
03:30pm Growing Bolder: American Spirit
04:00pm Growing Bolder:  Never Give Up
04:30pm Growing Bolder: Make A Difference
05:00pm Growing Bolder : Second Acts
05:30pm Growing Bolder: Run, Rock and Row
06:00pm Growing Bolder: Get Rowdy
06:30pm Growing Bolder: Dream Chasers
07:00pm Growing Bolder: Never Too Late
07:30pm Growing Bolder: Leading The Way
08:00pm Get Fresh with Sue Chef
08:30pm  Zonya's Health Bites
09:00pm Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
09:30pm Get Fresh with Sue Chef
10:00pm Woodwright's Shop
10:30pm Rick Steves' Europe
11:00pm Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
11:30pm Zonya's Health Bites