WKAR Holiday Special

Oct 17, 2016

Ella Ballentine (Anne) ad Marine Sheen (Matthew) in the 2016 retelling of Anne of Green Gables airing on Thanksgiving Day.

The weather may have been beautiful the past few days, but the snow covered roads, and holiday decor is coming!

WKAR is once again offering a unique way to reach our very desirable audiences this holiday season, with a special Holiday Package.

WKAR Television will be airing a number of great holiday programs and specials this year including Silver Bells in the City Electric Light Parade,  Call the Midwife Holiday Special and New York Philharmonic New Year's Evc.

WKAR Radio will be playing special Christmas music throughout the 10 AM-4 PM live hosted hours.

Below you will find a link to a special package that allows you to sponsor all of our holiday programing on TV & Radio for one great price of $1,500. You need to act fast. There are only 6 spots available and offer limited category exclusivity. Deadline is November 4th to make it on the Silver Bells in the City Broadcast.


Thank you for reading and Happy Holiday from all of us at WKAR!