Is WKAR A Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Jan 14, 2015

Brian Town, President of Michigan Creative, a local marketing firm with a goal of providing expert creative services to Michigan business, is a small business located in Lansing's NEO Center. They decided to underwrite during NPR and Current State on WKAR's 90.5 FM as a means to be philanthropic and give back to the community. Below is the message they currently have running 3 times per week for the next three months.

"WKAR is supported by Michigan Creative. Offering web & graphic design, video production and marketing services with a mission of helping to inspire the mid-Michigan creative economy.  Information at Michigan creative dot com."

We started this spot at the beginning of October and less than 20 days later this spot resulted an a sale three times the amount spent on the entire sponsorship program.

The moral of this? You do not have be a large business nor do you have to invest large dollars to get results from WKAR's audience.

So I ask again, is WKAR a part of your marketing mix?

Call me today to set up a meeting to discuss your options for becoming a corporate supporter on WKAR!

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